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sync apps , lost slots money

john doe

Sep 27, 2013
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this is actually a ipad question . we bought the wife the new ipad pro . i backed up her old ipad air and then sync`ed everything over .
she was quite unhappy to find out she lost her 100k in slots money she had racked up .

is this just how it goes? or should i try the sync again?

ps- i used a backup from my computer we dont use the cloud
Trying the restore from the backup a second time won't hurt and may solve the problem if a problem in the restore procedure was the cause of the problem. If it doesn't work the second time and the app data is not stored anywhere else, the coins your wife won in the game are lost, unless the game requires an Internet connection to play and her game progress is stored on the game servers.
If there's a restore purchases option in the in-app purchase section of the app, using it won't hurt and may help.
i think its lost . oh well . over 900.00 with tax and a new cover .just to play games on it ...lol.....but she uses it every day for hours so happy wife happy life and all that .