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Jul 18, 2010
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I had come to love apple products. I have been a PC user for many years and started with an iPod then the iPhone 3G and was highly impressed with the simplicity and usablilty of these devices and understand how Apple have become more than a computer maker not quite revolutionising with the PC market.

Long story short i dropped my iPhone 4 today from 2feet onto a concrete floor, something i have done with every other phone i have ever had, every other device i have ever had. But usually when i pick my device up it is in one piece, maybe with a scar but today when i picked my I phone up i was (not wholey shocked because of media coverage but suprised that the media got something right that wasn't blown out of preportion) surprised to find the screen in several hundred pieces like i had hit a car windscreen with a glass hammer.

I have dropped glasses from higher and they survive. Actually i struggle to think to items i could drop from that height and have it not survive.

(I'm not clumsy, really im not)

I am pretty devestated at the moment, I feel ripped of by a company i was just starting to trust, whose products were becoming a part of my life. And now this has happended, I was just getting over the insult to my intelligence that was the excuse for the signal problem. I was learning to with the fact that if you make a call on this phone your cheek either mutes you, puts you on speaker or cuts the call off all together.

But this i cannot handle, as amazing as this device is, I cannot believe how flawed it is. My thinking with Apple has completely changed, gone from "It just works" to "Just no". All the iritations of iTunes and the controlling way apple force you to work, before i would ignore them because it was cool once you figured out a comprimised way of working, now i am ready to turn my back on the company for good. And i do, if a company wrongs me i stop using them, i tell my friends, they stop using them, it may be a small difference but it is a difference.

Not sure if anyone cares (drop your phone, you will then) or if this is even the right place for it, but i needed to rant and this site said iPhone 4 (think i saved myself an anger management session)

Anyone else had this problem? I cant believe i am the only one to break my phone within a week.
That's got to be disappointing. What broke? Front? back? both? My brother dropped his and it didn't break but I'm sure it's all up to how it hits. I love the design but glass is glass :(
the front unfortunately, the remarkable thing is it does still work, all be it you get glass shards i in your finger or cheek if you make a call, and you have to read the screen through a marbled shattered glass effect.

I saw it drop it landed flat on its face, all the videos i've seen of them smashing it lands on the corner, really wasnt expecting this.
I knew how fragile it was going in so it doesn't surprise me. It is kinda **** tho. I am constantly worried about it. The technology is great but they need to figure how to make these things bulletproof. I would pay a grand or more for it if it was built like a tank.
everytime i drop mine i freak out and grab it before it falls.. lol
I am so sorry this has happened to you. I have a friend that does iPhone repairs and he has already had several people bring them their iPhone 4s from being dropped. Right now he can't do anything because he can't get the parts just yet but he is good at what he does and doesn't charge an arm and leg to fix them.
Take it to your local apple store, in the uk for £130 pounds they will give you a replacement phone, as a warranty replacement, you can do this upto four times in two years, it's expensive but better than buying a new one :)
I'm starting to get pretty annoyed by muting/holding/ending calls with my cheek too! I used Nextel for years and like tens of thousands of others jokingly called it Nextime for dropping calls. The other day I dropped yet another call on my Iphone 4 and when I got back in touch with my buddy my first words were my f*&$ing Iphone 4 dropped another call. I am trying hard to talk myself out of returning it before my 30 days are up, July 24th, and seriously considering different alternatives. I relate well MinnesotaFat, years and years with PC and fell in love with Apple after getting an iPod. I dropped the PC world on its ass and went Apple all the way, Macbook Pro and all. This situation with the antenna reception and the way Apple is not doing the right thing is unacceptable.
Another frustrated iPhone 4 user!