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StumbleUpon Launches iPhone App


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Jun 18, 2010
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Popular discovery engine StumbleUpon has today launched a free iPhone app which enables users to discover and share cool content from the web on their iPhone. The new iPhone app follows on from the success of the iPad app, according to Garrett Camp, founder and CEO of StumbleUpon.

The new app has been optimised for the mobile discovery experience, using the same personalised recommendation technology users would encounter on their home computer or iPad. Using the app, you can “thumb up” or “thumb down” sites that take your fancy and sites that you really don’t like at all! Your preferences will then be saved for your next session, and will be stored there for you for when you next launch the app.

The app also enables users to select particular categories, such as Photography or Science, or alternatively they can choose to just browse around randomly. There’s also the facility to look at content on “best-in-breed” content sites, such as Flickr or You Tube.

Source: StumbleUpon
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