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Stuck on the Apple Logo


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Dec 8, 2010
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I just jailbroke my iPhone4. Whenever I try to download SBsettings, and after you hit "Reboot Device" it just stays on the apple logo. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something? I know how to reset the phone and I know how to DFU mode but I would like to try not to do that.

If your going to JB your phone, get use to using reset. Hold SLEEP and HOME buttons down together until you see the apple icon, release buttons and wait, it may take a while. After you get it setup the way you want and aren't constantly downloading apps and themes, you won't have to reset too much. Also, make sure the any themes you download are compatible with your iOS level, many themes are old and haven't been updated for iOS4+.
I've got the same problem but im on 3gs... using tethered jailbreak with redsnow... pls help!!!