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Stuck in constant boot mode


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Apr 28, 2014
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Hi forgive me if this is the wrong section, I attempted to jailbreak my friend's ipad 2 7.0.4 but didn't realise he had done an OTA update last and when the evasi0n jailbreak rebooted the iPad it put it into the constant loop.. I have tried to restore the iPad in both recovery and DFU mode without any luck.. I keep getting iTunes Error 6009. I am completely stuck and help would be appreciated. thanks
I'm sorry, but if you can't recover from the jail break attempt, your only recourse is to do a restore through iTunes to iOS 7.1.1.

Which is all you really can do - if the jail break isn't working because the iPad was upgraded via the OTA method, there is nothing more you can do. The best thing is to put iOS 7.1.1 on the iPad and then wait and hope a jail break is found for iOS 8 (and that right soon).

It's always been said that evasi0n doesn't work with OTA upgraded iDevices. Some people succeed while most don't. Sorry you got the one that didn't...

Yes I wasn't aware, I've always done updates via computer.. and my problem is when i'm trying to update to 7.1.1 doesn't matter if its recovery or dfu mode it will download ipsw and then i'll get an error code from iTunes. the most common error being 6009..
What's the best way to check which iPad it is
I Checked it against the serial number and it said it was the iPad 2 wifi
And I downloaded 7.1.1 like you suggested but I got "this Ipsw is not supported" or something close to that..
To make matters really complicated, the WiFi-only iPad 2 has two versions, "regular" and revision "A" (they are because of an update Apple did midway. So, all I can suggest is to download the other IPSW and try that one.