Strap your rocket on and blast off in this unique and innovative platformer

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    Flaming ferret contains the best elements of many popular games from the past and present. It is a free-roaming platform type game, so you control everything the ferret does! Tilt to move, tap to blast, jump off ledges and bounce on enemies.

    The goal of each level is to reach the finish line with at least 75 coins. Sounds easy, but blasts are limited, levels can be tricky and enemies want to stop you! Remember, conserve your blasts!

    Flame on!

    • Unique and innovative gameplay
    • 48 hand crafted levels, including 3 bonus level.
    • 3 exciting worlds to explore (woodlands, ice capades and candy)
    • Fun yet challenging
    • Stunning graphics
    • Fun ferret character
    • Upgrades and bonus items (love the parachute)
    • Simple and easy to use controls
    • Multiple enemy types
    • Fun, high quality soundtrack and effect
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