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Strange things with Yahoo!


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Mar 9, 2012
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I've had a Yahoo email account for a real long time, and It seems a couple of strange things are happening via Yahoo after I purchased my first iPhone last month.

The first is what I'm most concerned about: A window is popping up on my iPhone that is related to Yahoo. It pops up at any time, using any program, and contains an email address with Yahoo in it. I wish I wrote it downtown, but I didn't. There are three options In this window. They are Continue, Cancel and Details. Ive been hitting Cancel, but under Details there's a red button that says "not trusted" or "suspicious" or something like that. I know this sounds strange, but this happens once or twice a day.

The other thing is simply the spam email I receive in Yahoo. I've been getting those typical "I need your password" or account number, etc. Again, this has just started happening since I got my iPhone (and connected my Yahoo email). I've received lots of spam over the years, and I mark it as such. But the increase has been very dramatic.

Any ideas on what this things are all about?


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