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Star Wars Falcon Gun Runner synch problem


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Jan 1, 2011
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Although this has downloaded to my itunes.......it won't synch with my iPhone 4G. Even when I manually select it to synch (checking the box or drag and drop to phone), it still won't synch. When the synch process completes it automatically unchecks the star wars app box and then the icon on the phone screen (in itunes) disappears. Any advice??
You do have iOS 4.1 or above on your iPhone, don't you. It sounds like the app doesn't like your iOS level. That's what it does on mine when I try to download an iOS 4.2.x app, as I only have iOS 4.1.x.
I was having probs with downloading the IOS 4.2..but now identified that Kaspersky was causing the problem....upgraded and all installed and working fine now.