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Spotify Sends Out Emails Suggesting Users Should Cancel App Store Subscriptions


iPhoneForums.net News Team
Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Apple Music launched just last week with the latest firmware update iOS 8.4. Since then, we've been on the watch, looking at Spotify to see how to company plans to deal with its latest competitor.

Well it seems on Tuesday the Swedish music-streaming service has been sending out emails to its customers, telling folks that they can save $3 by avoiding subscriptions through the App Store.

As you may know, Spotify's monthly pricing stands at $9.99, on par with Apple Music. However with anything sold in the App Store, our favorite fruit company takes a 30% cut, forcing Spotify to put a $12.99 monthly price tag on in-app purchase subscriptions.

The email sent out today suggests Spotify subscribers should cancel App Store subscriptions, and instead sign up for three dollars through Spotify's website.

Spotify is currently standing strong with 75 million users, with 20 million users being paid subscribers. We can say one thing for sure, this will be an interesting battle to watch. Shots fired.