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Speck Fitted For iPhone 4 Case Review


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

This is the Speck Fitted, Darkest Tartan Plaid style. The case is two pieces of plastic that fit tight on the iPhone 4. The Speck Fitter is really light and should add too much bulkiness to your phone. The two pieces easily snap together and stay on tight. The back of the case is made out of fabric on top of plastic to give it a bit of style. This case comes in many different patterns, check them out in the link below.

Speck Fitted:
Fitted for iPhone 4 - Darkest Tartan Plaid - iPhone 4 Cases - iPhone Cases - Speck Products
I got the dark plaid on the free case offer. I like the case but the material is coming apart on the back. The threads are coming off and really makes the back of the case look bad.
Other than that the case is great and is easy to remove if you so choose.
I also GotThis case with the free case program. It is pretty sweet. I switch between it and my otterbox. Although it is a pita to get off.