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Sony Completes Buyout of Toshiba's Image Sensor Business for $155 Million


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Jul 27, 2011
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Toshiba is no longer in the camera/image sensor business. Sony just finalized their buyout of Toshiba's complete image sensor business for the bargain price of $155 Million. Here's a quote with more of the details,

"Following a series of rumors, the two companies had originally signaled the closing stages of the deal back in October. Today’s announcement sees the signing of definitive agreements and confirms that Toshiba’s fabrication plant, equipment, and around 1,100 employees mainly located at its Oita Operations facility will be transferred over to Sony, along with the cost of the acquisition. The facility will operate under Sony’s newly formed Semiconductor Corporation, a subsidiary that was formed along with a number of others to give Sony’s various business arms greater autonomy. ~ AndroidAuthority"

Sony is already the largest image sensor developer in mobile and high-end camera markets globally. It looks like they continue to solidify their dominant position with acquisitions of competitors to supplement their cutting edge products. Even if Sony eventually falls out of the mobile smartphone OEM market, they will likely remain the top dog for providing image sensor tech to everyone else.