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Sometimes can't answer calls


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Nov 19, 2021
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Lately, there are times when the red and green buttons on my phone show up at the top of the phone and are very small. I can press the answer (green) button but can barely hear the person on the other end. Turning up the volume doesn't help and there is no access to the speaker button. I always have to call them back so I can hear them. I wonder if this happens to anyone else and why it happens. I also want to know if there is a way around it without me having to call them back.

Thanks for your help.
First thing to check would be under Sounds in Settings that the volume buttons do not control alerts, ie switched off. If you are seeing the phone strip at the top of the screen you should be able to swipe up to see the Control Centre volume adjustment. Finally, check there is no fluff in the microphone.
Hi Caroline: Thanks for your response. I actually had a problem in the past with not hearing people when they called but I fixed the volume on the control panel and it was then fine. Not sure how it got turned off or down in the first place. So, that's not the problem. When I receive a call in the normal fashion, volume is fine and I can always access the speaker phone. It's just when it comes up with the tiny red and green buttons on the top that things don't go right. No probs with the microphone either. Mystery.
The only time a call should come in with the tiny buttons you describe is when you are in another app. Perhaps something in that app is interfering with the volume problems.
Hi: That's what I thought. So, I had my son call me with an active App on my phone and without any active apps on my phone, and it did the same thing. He figured out that I had it on "banner" and changed it to Full Screen and it worked. The thing is, I never put it on banner and never had the problem until recently. It's like it changed itself without permission! LOL! Thanks for responding.