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Something weird happened


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Jun 10, 2015
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Hey people I'm new in the forum, so I hope someone can tell me what happened.
Today I woke up and I looked at my sms and it didn't open, I thought It was weird because, ever since I bought my phone, it has never failed.
So I restarted it, did all the normal procedures, and it still didn't work, I went to my Mac and in the sms app from it, there was a message from an unknown number, Saying: "destruction" and some weird Arabic lyrics.
I try to restore the phone with a back up and it didn't work.:eek:.
So I had to restore it as a new phone and it finally worked.

Maybe I'm answering myself the question that it was a virus.
But the thing is, these phones do not have viruses, at least to my knowledgement.

Fortunately my phone is working now, but I have the doubt of why that happened, I wasn't able to find something in the internet that could explain it to me.

If this had happened to any of you, I would really appreciate for you to share it.
Thank you for the time =)