Snap to Launch Two New Pairs of Spectacles

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    Engadget reports today that despite the fact that Snap’s Spectacles-with-camera gadget did not sell as well as the company had hoped, causing it to lose a rumoured $40 million due to over-estimating demand, the company is ready to give Spectacles another try.

    According to the original report from Cheddar, Snap will release the first of the two pairs that it is working on as soon as this fall (although it also says that they might be delayed until next year), approximately two years since the first generation Spectacles were released. Cheddar’s source says that the new glasses will have improved performance, and the addition of waterproofing, but will otherwise not differ too much from the original version. There will, however, be several new colour options.

    The second of the two pairs of Spectacles currently in development at Snap will most likely not arrive until 2019, and will boast two cameras, doubtless influenced by the popularity of dual cameras in the most advanced smartphones on the market today.

    Cheddar’s source also says that Snap is planning to work with glasses companies such as Warby Parker to add technology to their glasses. Watch this space!

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