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Sep 4, 2011
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Just For Funzies. :)


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yeah sure... here is the wallpaper for the lock screen. The lockscreen is called "Wordclock Widget" its free in the cydia market and comes with the homescreen i have as well as the lockscreen. The green porsche is the default wallpaper it comes with. I havent changed it because i havent had time to look for another one.

guess thats how things work when your cranking almost 60 hours a week and trying to move to a new city at the same time.

EDIT: the bubbled folders and icons are from a paid theme called Unique HD and then the status bar is from another paid theme called VIP HD. I basically took the items i liked from each theme built them into a single theme and this is what came of it.


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Here are my themes. Simple but fun and I love the apple logo!

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My lockscreen/springboard:


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Jmills87 said:
Ya he does! I've had a lot of great themes in the past, but I always make my way back to Black UPS!

Lol that was the very first theme I downloaded! I swap between it and Anbu HD! :D
Here are my screens, I use UiNique theme and Bigify with nothing special.


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Here is mine.

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