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Screen resizing problem


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Mar 27, 2016
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Anyone know why my iphone 6 screen has started resizing itself. It happens in a fraction of a second as I change from one screen to the next. For example if I select my contacts icon, the screen correctly changes to show me my contacts, then in a fraction of a second it resizes the screen larger so that the alphabet on the right side of the screen half disappears making it difficult to select a letter.

Similarly things at the bottom of my screen near the bottom edge - so for example on my WhatsApp screen the little icons at the bottom of the screen half disappear, again making it difficult to select one.

I have loaded the latest IOS update but the problem persists.
Have you increased the font size in Settings?
I would revert to the normal sized font, power down my phone and when I turn it back on reset it to the size I like. Sometimes, the iPhone needs a nudge. Hth