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Jan 15, 2011
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Has anyone been able to find a screen protector that doesn't alter the way the screen looks. And by that I mean, no glossy look, not matte finish either, but just the smooth look that the watch display comes with. I bought some Skinomi screen protectors that have to use a solution to install and make the screen look a bit pixelated and glossy. I am looking for one like the standard ones that you buy at Verizon for your phone. Where you can put it on with no water or solution, and you can't even tell it's on there. I realize that a screen protector like this would only cover the flat area so you would likely see the borders, but the screen quality would remain.
I swear by Tech Armor screen protectors, Easy to put on and in my opinion they don't spoil the look of the screen.
I ordered the Spigen "Crystal" clear screen protectors from Amazon. They are what I was describing, just cover the actual screen and no rainbow/hologram look. Though I must say I put another Skinomi one on last night and really tried to follow the install instructions properly and today it looks pretty damn good. Still some microbubbles that they claim will go away after a few days (we'll see) and still that glossy look, but overall not bad. And remembering that they actually cover the rounded edges as well, this may be the way to go after all. I am just concerned that the Spigen ones will leave me open for those "walk by a wall and bump my watch scuff mark moments."
Those Tech Armor ones look promising as well poisonivy, thanks!
I ordered the Steiger armor. It does not cover the screen but will hopefully protect from a bump or two. . I did not want a screen cover.
I got in the Spigen Crystal clear ones. They do not cover the edges/rounded corners, but I like them a lot. I did not like the Skinomi ones after all. It gave my watch a glossy, fake look. The Spigen ones are just like a screen protector you would buy at Verizon for you iPhone. They don't alter the way the screen looks at all other than seeing the border of where the flat are of your watch ends. I am not going to be protected from bumps on the edges, but I'm hoping I am careful enough. I don't really want to get a case because I feel like it will add bulk and look strange. What case did you get Dlemos? Do you like it?
The spigen armor is on back order until May 16. So, until then I have to be VERY careful. I will be going this week and purchasing the Apple care. I am not really rough on my watches. But, then I will be wearing this one all day.