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Looking for iphone4 case and screen protector...


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Jul 13, 2010
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Anybody know of a good shock absorbing case and will protect my phone from drops, falls, scratches, dust, lint? I'm also looking for a screen protector that will protect against scratches, fingerprints(or at least tries to), and is smooth when swiping, but doesnt take away from the retina screen display. And if the case is like a bumper, im looking for a full body screen protector to cover the front and back.

Sorry if it's long..0.0'
ZAGG Invisible Shield is the way to go for screen protection. They offer options for just the front screen or both front and back. They're kinda tricky to get on but if you get it on right theres absolutely no bubbles at all and you can't even tell that there's anything on there.

Also if you end up going this route, theres an iPad giveaway at the bottom right hand of the screen (you might have to take off your adblock for a second to see it) but just for entering they send you a promotional code that can get you up to 50% off your next order so its definitely worth it. All you have to do is give them an email.

Case wise I'm not really sure. I'm going with the ZAGG invisible shield and an Apple Bumper that is on its way. I'm probably going to end up buying an Otterbox once they are released.
yeah i already tried the ZAGG invisible shield and the bumper together, you cant have both on there, for the bumper will slowly peel off the sides of the shield :( so you would have to just use one or the other
Hmm I've read on other forums that this combination works great...
Hey wsup this site i found for my iphone cases is pretty cool. They got deisgn cases and tpu cases for shock absorbing case your looking its a ebay store. Its called eliteDealzz you can just go onto ebay and go down to the ebay stores section and look for them under store name. Check em out there pretty cool
The Apple bumper and a full invisible shield from Zagg would be your best protection.

LJB Store for the lowest price.
the otterbox defender has saved my 3g multiple times. its a bit pricey (50$) for the defender, but worth it. its a shock case with built in screen. they just released the iphone4 version.