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Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs iphone 6


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Nov 8, 2014
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Hell, what are you guys thoughts on this? I read some forums saying the alpha will compete with the iPhone 6 and I'm debating which one to get. Can I get some suggestions?
Samsung couldn't bother beefing up the mini and started from scratch. The Galaxy Alpha put metal back in Samsung's lineup, shaving off some thickness and weight along the way. It all worked out just fine and the new design was shared by the almighty Galaxy Note 4.

Apple took pride in having the best small phone for years but even Cupertino had to admit 4 inches just wasn't enough. The Apple iPhone 6 is the golden mean between the old 4" design and Apple's first phablet, the 5.5" iPhone 6 Plus. The aluminum unibody get even more refined.
Which one do you prefer? What are your thought on the iPhone 6? I like the slim nest of the iPhone 6 and the wait. I also like the simplicity of ios 8

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You should base your decision off which apps run where. Most of the time apps are made for ios and then later android like zapiddy, but then perk seems to be going the opposite direction. Also do you have a need to fake your location easier done with android
Never mind I just went with the galaxy alpha. Thanks though guys... Ig lol

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I dont know how can people compare a premium phone with a android device ...the comparison would be like to like and you cannot compare butter with chocolate !
Well I saw better specs and the galaxy alpha feels pretty premium.

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