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RoadWriter - The Ultimate Songwriting App


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Jan 3, 2013
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RoadWriter is a songwriting app developed for music industry professionals, songwriters, and serious artists who need a simple, yet effective application to write and create songs in a changing environment. Designed by artists for artists, RoadWriter allows you to organize and share lyrics. While Rehearsal Mode enables you to select your instrumentals and draft full songs with verses, bridges, hooks, climb, coda, etc., Performance Mode gives you a full screen of your finished song in easily readable text due to the layout of the words against a contrasting background. From this screen, you can also quickly edit any changes on the spot so that you can continue to deliver your vocals in a performance setting or recording booth.

Whats Featured:
o Quickly and easily formulate song with instrumental tracks in the same interface.

o 5 second skip back and skip forward to efficiently rehearse section of song

o Auto replay of song

o Readily share lyrics via email.

o Quick edit feature allows on-the-spot changes to lyrics when in recording environment.

Also translated to the Spanish language!

More updates to come!

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