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Retailers Could Enjoy Holiday Profits Boost by Supporting Apple Pay


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Jun 18, 2010
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According to a new report from the Adobe Digital Index, via AppleInsider, online retailers would do well to ensure that they support digital wallet services such as Apple Pay if they want to give their profits a boost over the holiday season.

In essence, Adobe Digital Index found that customers are 10% more likely to purchase an item that is in their virtual “shopping cart” if they have the option to use a digital wallet payment method.

One reason for this could simply be that it avoids the boring task of having to enter in your credit card details when shopping online; with Apple Pay, all you need is your Touch ID fingerprint and you can use your registered credit card, just as long as you are using an Apple-Pay-supported iOS app to do your shopping.

Apps that currently support Apple Pay payments include the Apple Store (of course!), OpenTable, Disney Store, and Target.

Source: AppleInsider