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Restoring to a previous backup to retrieve some images


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Nov 5, 2011
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About a week ago wife's phone (iPhone4, ios 4.xx) went swimming in the ocean and had to be replaced. We had been very negligent on backups and the most recent one I could find was in March ( I was logged in on an WinXP desktop computer under her account). We got everything pretty much back to normal but of course lost all her pictures since the last backup. I recently discovered, on the same computer under my WinXP account a backup of her phone from July which didn't show up in iTunes when I was logged in under her XP account.

I'd like to (briefly) restore her phone to this, July, backup in hopes of retrieving more pictures and then put it back to it's current state. We made some changes to phone since it was restored to the March backup including updating the ios to ver 5 and backing up to the cloud. I don't want to make things worse so I want to move slowly. Is this possible? What steps do I need to take? Is it possible just to retrieve the images from the backup without syncing the phone?

Here is what I was thinking:
1. Back the phone up to the local computer.
2. Restore to factory settings
3. Restore to the July backup.
4. Save the images to the local computer's hard drive.
5. Again restore to factory settings.
6. Restore to the most recent backup.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!