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Restore or setup as new ??


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Sep 25, 2014
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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this question. I have a fairly new 5S that I have had almost a year, for the last several months it has been very quirky ( NOT jailbroken) . Lots of dropped calls when I have full bars of reception, taken several photos that show up in the camera roll as a black photo, ungodly long times for Safari to load when I have full reception with or without Wi-Fi. also have many people complain that I sound like I am underwater when I'm talking to them once again with full bars of reception... Went to the Apple Store a couple times they tried making me feel like I didn't know I was talking about and sent me on my way. I finally got Apple to send me a new phone but I'm not sure if I should back it up and restore it from my last back up or if I should start it as a new phone in case there is some sort of bug in my back up?? Not sure if the phone can get a virus,but it sure sometimes seems like it. any input on how to activate the new phone would be great. Thank you.

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Well, the good thing is that the phone doesn't have a virus. If there was a virus for the iPhone "in the wild," we'd all know, so I feel pretty safe in saying yours doesn't have one.

So, my suggestion is to do a full restore and set the phone up as new. Yes, it'll be a pain putting it all back the way you like it (as you can't use the backup). But, starting over from scratch may very well help with all the odd quirks you've been seeing.


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