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Poor reception and dropped calls-Microcell


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Jun 23, 2010
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My family is at their wits end. We all have iPhone 4's with bumpers or cases. The reception in our house is horrible and worse than with the 3GS phones. I have twice tried the ATT Microcell and while it improved the number of bars, the garbled speech was a problem. I tried everything with the microcell, rebooting, re-registering, moving the unit, etc

Is there any other way to improve reception?
Also, just a question about cell phone reception. Is cell phone reception and data coming over the same network. A number of us were talking about what would happen if Apple does make a Verizon phone and lots of people (current ATT and current Verizon users) make the switch. Will the data (internet) network be overwhelmed, or the voice network be overwhelmed, or both.