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remove background crashes iphone


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Oct 10, 2010
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hey guys jailbroke my iphone for the first time earlier and when i use remove background it crashes my phone and puts it in safe mode???
Same thing happens to me mate. Really annoying as I found it quite handy to kill all my apps in one swoop. Hopefully it willbe sorted soon !!
i'm pretty sure its a 4.1 issue (assuming you're on 4.1).

it does the same thing on my ipt2g and i just upgraded from 4.0.1 (where it worked fine) to 4.1
Same with me mate. I was 4.0.1 and remove background was great ! Now I'm on 4.1 it won't work. Peeing me off !!
also here,

i loss my basband due to restore, and waiting for 02.10.04 baseband unlock