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reddit Launches Ask Me Anything iOS App


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Jun 18, 2010
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reddit has today announced the launch of an official reddit iOS app for the popular Ask Me Anything feature.

Blog.reddit, the official reddit blog, says that Ask Me Anything (AMA) started on reddit when redditors would send questions for people that reddit was talking to. The questions would then be answered in real-time. The first AMA was in April 2006, with Jessica Livingstone interviewing Caterina Fake.

What is so great about AMAs is that they are incredibly in-depth, and often reveal much more than the usual celebrity fluff interview. They can also be about very ordinary people who have extraordinary jobs or experiences. In fact, they can be about almost anything!

As blog.reddit says, some of the best quotes from celebrity AMAs are often featured in the wider media, but just reading about a few key moments in a write up on a particular AMA doesn’t really do it justice. And with AMAs happening live, you’ll miss out on all the really good stuff unless you happen to be near a computer.

That all changes with the new app, however, which is designed to make it incredibly easy for you to watch all the AMAs that you want. Here are some of the key features, courtesy of iTunes:

• Keep up to date with all the latest AMA interviews

• Ask a question when someone is marked as ACTIVE

• Get notified when popular AMAs are trending

• See every answered question in an easy-to-read format perfect for mobile

• Vote questions and answers up and down to help prioritize the best content

• Explore diverse topics like Entertainment, Science and Politics

“Ultimately we want people to have different ways to reddit. Ideally, when people learn about reddit, they should have an understanding of what it is, not just what others portray reddit to be. So we created this introductory app for people to enjoy some of the best of reddit.”

Click here to download the free app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ask-me-anything-official-reddit/id911630284?mt=8

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