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Recover Deleted Video on iphone 4

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Aug 24, 2010
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I took a video of my friend scratching a fake lotto ticket to win 50K. It's hysterical. He grabbed my iphone 4 and deleted the video immediately before I was able to sync it to save to my computer. I have tried a few programs to try and recover it as I understand that it still is likely on the phone until new data overwrites it or until I sync it.

I also tried buying the Iphone SPY Data recovery stick however that doesn't work with the iphone 4 until October - the data will surely be overwritten by then.

My questions are two fold:

1. Does anyone actually know if the video still exist in some archived form on my iphone 4 even if it is deleted (similar to a computer hard drive) and do you know how long it stays on?

2. Does anyone have ANY idea how I can do some sort of forensics to recover my lost video.

There may well be a small thumbnail image of what the start of the video looked like somewhere on the phone but I highly doubt the video is still on the phone.

In fact I'm fairly certain it's gone forever. Keep us posted though, would like to see the video!
I recommend you to use a data recovery software and let it scans your phone. If the lost videos are not replaced, then you can use the software to recover the lost videos. There are Wondeshare or FonePaw, which are the best software I used, or you can go to Google and search for it.
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Data recovery software will not work with the flash storage on iOS devices. Also, this thread is over 7 years old and the original participants are long since gone.

With that, this thread is now closed.
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