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Oct 15, 2010
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How can I or can I delete single calls from my recent calls list or do I have to delete all of them at the same time
from a short google search it seems this is something apple left out, though with jailbreak it says it can be done

phone - called iLog



this says it can be done with out jailbreak

Delete single recent call on iPhone without jailbreaking
Someone asked me: how to delete a single recent call record on iPhone? Searching on Google, we will find out some third party APP can do this, but they all need you “Jailbreak” your iPhone.
Is there a way to delete single recent call without jailbreaking? The answer is: YES.

First, you need download and install a software on your computer with Windows system, the program named iTunes Backup Manager.
Then follow these steps:

1.Run iTunes, connect your iPhone to computer, right click your iPhone name in left side window of iTunes, select “Back Up” from popup menu.
2.Close iTunes, run iTunes Backup Manager, click your iPhone name in left side window, select main menu->Plugin->Call History, the program will show a Call History Viewer, select the record that you want to delete and click Delete button, then close Call History Viewer.
3.Select main menu->File->Restore, select “Restore only modified file(s)” then click OK.
After the restore process done, your iPhone will restart, then you can check your call history list:)

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