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Really need some help with restoring...


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Jul 22, 2013
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So i've been trying to restore my iphone 4 to factory settings using itunes and i have had no success so far. i feel like i've tried everything. I tried putting the phone in recovery mode, dfu mode, and just leaving it on regularly. i tried updating to the latest ios with itunes and also using a download of 6.1.2 with no success. i keep getting the error messages 3194, 1602, and 21 all at random every time no matter what mode i'm in. i've also tried the hosts file fixes, resinstalling itunes completely and even updated to the latest version. i also tried restoring on itunes 10.7 and still no luck. i also tried it on another computer with no luck and on the second computer i was even getting an error from windows that it could not find the recovery mode drivers and i was unable to download them as well, so that didn't work. if someone could help me i would really appreciate it. thanks.

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