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Really Need Help! Please! - Error 3194 - No Solution


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Sep 23, 2012
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I was in the middle of updating my iTunes and my OS on my phone and my phone entered Recovery Mode.

All solutions required entering DFU mode, and my phone is stuck in the connect to iTunes thing. Whenever i try to go into DFU mode, the symbol comes up to connect to iTunes before i can complete the enter DFU process.

I tried connecting it to my computer and restoring it, and got the Error 3194 error.
I tried using that umbrella program, id hit exit recovery mode, and my iPhone 4s would boot back into recovery mode.
I tried iREB or something of that sort and that did the same as the umbrella program.

Its very frustrating and i have no problem restoring it or whatever to get it working again.

If anyone could help thatd be awesome :) Thank you!

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