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Random and Repeated Sound Alerts with No Associated Text


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Jan 11, 2012
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Please note that I have already done a few searchs and have not found an answer.

I am a new iPhone 4S user with Verizon and my phone has been randomly (it appears) and repeatedly generating an alert sound with no associated text (no banner, alert message, etc.). The sound is best described as a short "dulloop" (like a drop of water into a bucket) which repeats every 10 minutes to maybe every 30 minutes. When I get this alert, I check my phone and when I see no text alert, I then check my emails, txt messages, Facebook, etc., to find something new. Often I don't find anything.

I checked my notification settings and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I also bounced this off a former Mac Genius friend of mine that has the same phone and he suggested it could be an alert that triggers the network strength switches from 3G to the slower GPRS, but I am not convinced. I really don't understand the purpose of such a tone not associated with anything visual when you can have numerous notification alerts for other applications.

Does anyone else have any ideas?


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