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Quick Data/Wireless Question


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Jul 29, 2010
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Northwest/burbs, IL
..I notice sometimes when I'm @ home using my iPhone4, when I awake it and unlock it.. I notice it going from 3G to WiFi. I'm just curious if this takes away from my data plan? Cause if I'm @ home, shouldn't it stay connected to my WiFi?? I'm not worried too much since I have 2.5gb plan.. and hop on WiFi connections 90% of the time.. I was just curious if this was normal or has anyone else experienced this?

Just wanted to also say this is my first iPhone ever and I'm loving it!!! :)
I have noticed the icon goes back to 3G when I'm not using it. But if your wifi slider is on whenever you hop on safari or anything else you should see it return to the wifi icon and won't be using your cell data.