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Question About Invisible Shield by Zagg


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Jun 27, 2010
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I got the Invisible Shield installed today on my Iphone 4 at Best Buy. For the most part I really like it and gives me some piece of mind. What bothers me is now that I have it, when the phone is off I see a white splotch in the lower corner. Its hard to see with the screen on but it is there all the same and I know it is there. Is this something that should go away in time or should I take it back??

If you just got it installed most likely it's moisture which should go away over time. The instruction manual states you can use a hair dryer with light heat to speed up the process.
I took it back to the store to have them look at it. It was a defect in the shield.
all better now with a new shield.
I have the Zagg invisibleSHIELD and Apple Bumper and is perfect combo IMO
I have the invisible shield as well and waiting for a free bumper or case from Apple. The nice thing about zagg's invisible shield the lifetime warranty. If you have bubbles or white spots, just call zagg and get a replacement.