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problems with voice mail


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Sep 24, 2010
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i have been having a little problem with my iphone 4 voice mail , it asks for my pin twice then asks to save greeting which i do , and every thing is fine , but if i turn my phone of or it runs outta battery , or if i end application for phone :phone:, it resets voice mail and i have to put my pin and everything in again ,???? its not a major problem its just a pain in the arse , any advise would be well appricated , thanks andy
Can or as no one heard of this before ????
Mine does exactly the same, it's really annoying! I was trying to retrieve a message yesterday and it now won't let me in at all and is saying 'voicemail error'. Did you manage to sort it?
No have had no reply or help went in to shop they were no help told me to re sink my phone as if I not tried this ,,, so I don't knw what to do ??? But it's very annoying
To check them until it is corrected
Option 1

  • Launch the Phone application
  • Go to the dial pad
  • Press and hold 1 to access your voice mail the old fashioned way
  • Check your messages
  • End the call to voice mail
  • Using another phone call your iPhone and leave a message
To try and correct without Resetting phone completely
Option 2

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Select General
  • Select Reset
  • Select Reset Network Settings
  • Allow the iPhone to reboot

When nothing else works? reposted from a different forum
Re: iPhone 4: Visual Voicemail asks to be 'set up now' after each reboot
Posted: Aug 12, 2010 7:44 PM in response to: bumblebumble

The fix:
Okay, I spoke with Apple Customer Support, and this is the detailed fix for the constant visual voicemail re-set after rebooting the iPhone (4). A warning though, it's going to use up a lot of your time!
1. Make sure that you've synched your iPhone, and have a computer back up (which includes all of your contacts, apps, email, photos, etc. - EVERYTHING.
2. Reset your iPhone 4 back to the factory default (this erases EVERYTHING from your iPhone). This is the "Restore" option found on the "Summary" tab in iTunes when your iPhone 4 is selected.
3. After step 2 is complete, when you are given the option to restore the iPhone either from a back-up, or start as a new iPhone, choose the new iPhone option (it's possible that your back-up has a "corruption" which lead to this problem).
4. Re-synch, and re-add all of your apps, movies, books, and photos, etc. You will have to redo any folders that you may have made (pain!).
5. You may have to update the phone's carrier settings (remember when you first got the phone?), by pressing a prompt on the phone if it tells you that a carrier update is available (download the update). The phone will also prompt you with the fact that it's now registered (with your carrier). This only takes a second (the shortest part of the whole process). Your visual voice mail should work. Your greeting may be set to "default", but if you choose "custom", your greeting should be there (push "play" to make sure). If not, then record a new one. My greeting was still there, and I didn't have to re-enter my password. All of my old messages were still there, too. Success!
6. You'll have to re-enter your wi-fi password in order to re-enable wi-fi.
7. You're done. It works. I've tested it, by restarting (re-booting) the iPhone 4 several times.
8. Go to bed, because it's late!
You're welcome!