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Problems making calls iPhone 4S with cellular data off


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Dec 13, 2011
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My friend has just bought a factory unlocked iPhone 4S in the UAE and she has an Etisalt sim card with no data plan. She has wifi at home so has no problems while she's home. She does keep her "cellular Data" off all the time. Today when she was out of the house she was unable to make or recieve any calls or sms's. She turned her phone off and on to reset it several times but to no avail.
I suggested that she turn her Cellular Data on and make a call. When she did that the phone suddenly received a whole lot of text and missed call notifications. She was also able to make and receive calls. Is it possible that the 4S needs a data input every now and then to continue to make/receive calls and sms's?? Are there any other settings to enable/disable when using cellular data "off"?

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