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Previously Unreleased Video of Steve Jobs Shows Off Softer Side


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Jul 27, 2011
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With the many documentaries and fictionalized biographies which have been popping up lately around the late Steve Jobs we have seen a great deal of sensationalism. They either put Jobs up on a pedestal or they demonize him (or both). It can become easy to forget that he was just a man, driven by some of the same emotions, needs and desires as the rest of us.

The folks at ABC News "found" a previously unaired video of the late co-founder of Apple, and in it we get to see the softer, gentler side of the man. This video is a gathering of higher level Apple employees just before the iPhone was announced. In the video, Jobs explains his management style. He said, “My theory of management is The Beatles. Together, they helped amplify each other’s really good tendencies, and that’s true of any team. And we have a really great team here at Apple."

He also talks about the upper management giving fellow Apple employees hugs. While this paints a stark contrast to the authoritarian way he has been portrayed by the media, it also serves to humanize him. Perhaps bringing his image back down to earth is really what we need. To be clear, the video referenced above even falls pray to the same overly exaggerated level of hyperbole that most of the media does in regards to Jobs. The video is even titled, "Newly Released Tapes Reveal Visionary Genius of Apple's Steve Jobs."

Despite that, the video is worth watching because it does show a side of Jobs that the general public rarely viewed. It's important to remember Steve Jobs for his great accomplishments in life. It's equally important to remember that he wasn't a mythical figure, and was subject to the same foibles and follies as the rest of us.

Because of it's format, we couldn't share the ABC News video directly here, but you can check it out at the source link below.

Source: Video: Newly Released Tapes Reveal Visionary Genius of Apple's Steve Jobs