Pi-Hole... Best investment I’ve ever made!

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    Want privacy? Ad blocking? A Pi-Hole is what you need!

    A friend told me about what’s called a Pi-Hole 3 months ago, so I looked into it and decided to spend the $80 for a Raspberry-Pi and set up it as a Pi-Hole. This device the size of a pack of smokes, connects to your router and blocks almost all ads that you see on any webpage. Was a little skeptical at first, but wow, I’m stunned on how well it works. When I’m connected to someone else’s WiFi or on cellular (without the Pi-Hole), I’m shocked at all the ads and garbage on webpages I get.

    Once a Pi-Hole is connected to your router and you start looking at what/who is spying on you is stunning beyond belief! The beauty of a hardware Pi-Hole is it intercepts ads and other web or internet things that spy on you is blocked before it even reaches any devices connected via WiFi or wired connection, so your internet surfing is WAY faster because ads are blocked before reaching your iPhone or anything on your network! When you go to any webpage, the ads are loaded first, then the content of the webpage. So by having the ads blocked via a hardware device, it’s like you’ve doubled your internet speed for almost free. Software ad blockers load the ads, then they are not displayed. So having a device that dumps the ads before they are even loaded, makes your webpages load way faster.

    Another benefit of a Pi-Hole is that it blocks apps that collect info on what your doing on the internet. Have you ever searched for some product on google, then notice when you go to other webpages, you see tons of ads for what you searched for on google? The Pi-Hole stops all of this crap!

    I was a bit skeptical about a hardware device for ad and privacy, but after running one for 3 months, I would never want internet service without using one. Not going to post any links to this, but just google “Pi-Hole”. You’ll thank yourself for not installing one years ago.

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    Wow learn something new every day.
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