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Photo Library Problem's??


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Jul 8, 2010
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Ok so my phone is a ok but some things i tried to sync my photo library today first i started with 55 , then i wanted to add more it went to 75 if i go to sync the phone, its ok .

But as i go threw the photo library shortcut:photos: it only shows 55 random photos, if you enter the photos threw settings then photo library:photos: it shows all 75.

any one with the same problem can i fix this , is it a setting on itunes or the phone.

thanks in advance bobby r
Ok wow as soon as i was done with the thread it hit me like bricks. Could it be that the one under settings and wallpaper have a different photo code thing like mpeg / jpg/ ect and the photo library only has one or two there different settings to each folder with the same name.

Could this be true???

thanks again