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Phone freezes and ver./hor. lines on display after battery swap


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Sep 10, 2015
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Hi everyone,

After I've swapped battery on my iPhone 5 I experience vertical and horizontal lines after aprox. 10-15 sec. of use, then the display freezes.

The lines/freezing seems to appear faster if I use a graphic intensive app rather than (for instance) Messages. And if I swipe a lot rather than just type letters in a slow pace.

The solution is to turn the display off and then right on again and the problem is gone.
But after another 10-15 sec it repeat itself and freezes again.

It feels like a memory error or maybe display/digitizer error. But the question is why it appeared right after the battery swap?
I was extremly careful when i did the swap!!

Has anyone got a clue what might have happened and a solution for it?