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personalized ringtone doesnt work anymore on messages, how come?


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Apr 30, 2012
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I have loaded and used for long time many personalized ringtones in my itunes and I use them for contacts in my iphone 5 and ipad air

Lately personlized ringtones no longer work only on iphone receiving messages, I have specific personalized ringtone for some specific contacts, on iphone it doesnt work any more, default ringtone does work

instead on the ipad all works fine, how come?

I tried to remove ringtone and setting it again on iphone it wont work

I tried remove ringtone from itunes and reinstall it it wont work either

how come? what else can I try? It doesnt seam problem of ringtone it works fine on ipad
Check how long it is they have to be under 30 secs to work as ringtones now.
it is under 30sec same ringtone works perfect on same contact on ipad