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Peiji - Beautiful Writing & Note Taking App


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Jun 25, 2014
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I would like to announce my new app Peiji, a beautiful rich text editor app for both iPhone and iPad.
Peiji is designed so that you can focus on what matters: Writing ! As soon as you type the title bar disappear and let your ideas to take shape.

- Easy to use text editor: full screen editing, clipboard, insert symbols and images easily, lot of fonts and a magic trackpad to move cursor !
- Organize with notebooks and tags
- iCloud sync across devices
- 2 beautiful themes
- Night mode
- Export as PDF or RTF

Category: Productivity
Updated: June, 23 2014
Version: 1.2
Size: 8.2 Mb
Languages: English, French

Promotional code:

For more info:

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iTunes link:


Any feedbacks would be appreciated ! Thanks !
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Hello. Thanks for telling us about your new app.

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Thank you.

Thank you for this, I redeemed PJF....., This is really nice, I love the personal note book in particular....Very nice.
I really like it when developers include version, size, and language information in their app announcement posts. Thank you for that :)
It's a nice app, Well thought out.

It is a nice app, and it may replace another note app that I use. The themes are nice, it has tags, and I love being able to export as PDF.
'It shares many similarities with OneNote, but with more control over text formatting (font, size, color, etc)'

I have always used and love OneNote, so would be keen to check this out. (Much snappier name as well :))