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What's the best note taking iPad app?


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Aug 1, 2010
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Price Drop: Wondershare iDraft(Productivity) Version: 1.0.2.Price: $2.99 -> $0.99(From 8.30-9.6)

Many people are using their iPad to take notes, no matter for a meeting or a lecture.

Which is the best note taking iPad app? This is an important question for all the people who are still searching for a best note taking app for their iPad. The thing to ask is "Which is the better one to buy." “Which offers the best tools for the job? ””Which app will update frequently to meet users’ need?”

Facing so many note taking app in App Store, you may find it hard to decide which one is the most appropriate. About 300,000 people select Wondershare iDraft. There are 6 reasons for you to choose Wondershare iDraft.

(1) Writing like a real pen
The fast you draw, the thinner the line gets, so the thing that you’re drawing is slightly more interesting and more artistic looking. It is absolutely drawing feels like you are using a smooth high-quality pen.

(2) Different color to choose
The Wonderhsare iDraft’s world is colorful. Use different colors to take your notes!

(3) Fix small mistakes easily
The eraser tool has a nice large radius that’s very handy for wiping errors quickly. Undo and redo also come in handy for fixing small mistakes. What’s more, if you are still unsatisfied with your work, just clear all within one second.

(4) Find the right book and right page you want quickly
Wondershare iDraft allows you to name your book and set a coverflow for it, you may choose any picture in your library or just select anyone page in your book. Have a preview for all the pages by moving your finger on the preview button. With these functions, you can find the right book and right page you want through a series of books and pages quickly.

(5) Unlimited books and pages
Create books as many as you can, each with a infinite number of pages.

(6) Share your book with the word
Sending a page or notebook actually saves the “paper” as a PDF file, which is then emailed. Twitter is also a good share way, use the twitter page in Wondershare iDraft to send your single page to your twitter world! It will automatically add to your twitpic.
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Well, I want to know what note taking app are you using?