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Orbs and washout when using flash in the dark


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Jul 7, 2010
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Has anyone else seen this:


Taken in a field at night when my subject was about 15 feet away. I had this problem whenever I used the flash, in the dark and the subject was more than 5 feet or so from the phone. Apple replaced my phone and I haven't seen it happen again but I'm curious if anyone else has this issue.

PS. I came here to this forum from an ad on reddit to ask this specific question and it appears I can't post links or images until I have a higher post count. That's just annoying as hell.

PPS. now I have a flood control delay. What a fabulous experience!
What a great shot, your very lucky.
They are energy orbs, call the Ghost Hunters quick!
This is something that happens with any camera. When a bright light is shining right into the camera sensor you get this "orb" effect. It is mostly noticed in night shots when the flash is reflected back by something and sunlight shots when you see the colored round rainbow.