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One iPhone 4, two computers


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Aug 10, 2010
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Anyone aware of any issues (problems) syncing one iPhone 4 with two - or more - computers?
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Can anyone confirmed they've done this successfully on iPhone 4 on Mac?

I'm new to iPhone, but one-computer rule is giving me major regrets. I've tried the trick described in the andrewgrant.org link, and have not found it to work. I've seen this trick posted several places, but all of them are dated prior to the iPhone 4 release.

And I can't use Phoneable because I'm not on a PC.
Atually I've done it successfully on iPhone 4 but on Windows 7. I'm not sure about the Mac but I believe it should work too. But make sure you copy the correct ID because when I tried for the 1st time I copied the wrong one and of course it didn't work. And make sure you backup the files before editing them just in case.
I finally got it working. My error was that I was only editing the XML file. The error in the instructions is the non-XML file is also called "iTunes Music Library" (Tunes Music Library.itl on PC). On Mac it's simply called iTunes Library. I edited that as well with Hexedit, and now it works.