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Office Mobile for iPhone 4?


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Aug 3, 2010
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Before I decide to buy an iPhone 4, I want to make sure it can view and edit Office Mobile documents. Does anyone know whether it can or not?
welcome! i just sent a .docx to my iphone and it let me open it.. so yes :). also ibooks can open .pdf. any other extensions let me know ill try it
Thank you for your response. Actually I want to edit the Office files opened in iPhone 4, particularly for the file formats .doc, .xls and .ppt.
i can tell you all formats work just fine, i created some files in excel power point and saved, emailed to my iphone and they open just fine. you can view them but i cant work out how to edit them, maybe it will let me open it with ibooks or something
Thank you. But, editing Office files in iphone 4 is what I want. Can anyone help?
Documents to Go I believe will allow you to EDIT, as you've been asking.
Yes, just checked in the App Store and I'm right. Documents to Go is the app for you.
I have documents to go and I open and work with excel and word files on a daily basis. I don't do power point so I can't speak on that one but I assume you can.
So if I have an Office file attached to an email (Word, Excel or PPT) and I want to edit it how does Documents to Go work? Does it download the file from the email and save it within the Doc to Go app? And if it does, can I reattach it to another email to send out, if desired?

Or do I have to use Docs to Go in conjuction with a cloud storage app?