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Office Heroes Gets Friend Codes and Push Notifications Update


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Jun 18, 2010
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Astro Ape's hit free iPhone/iPod touch game Office Heroes has this week received two major updates, introducing push notifications and friend codes. With the new push notifications service, players will get an alert every time they complete an in-game task, which Astro Ape says will come in very handy during the more lengthy tasks in the game. The new friend code facility enables players to invite friends without having to use Facebook, which previously was the only way to add and interact with friends, and absolutely no good to you at all if you're not on Facebook. Now all you have to do to invite a friend is send them a code so that they can come and visit you in your office.

Since its launch this July, Office Heroes has attracted more than 300,000 users. The object of the game is to climb the ranks by completing timed office tasks, such as making coffee, clearing spam, and checking faxes, with the aim of earning career points and Paperclips, the in-office currency that helps you decorate your office and blaze a swanky trail through the corporate world. Here's Astro Ape co-founder William Fong talking about the game:

“We’ve seen how many people out there love Office Heroes, so we wanted to make everyone’s gaming experience that much more meaningful. With the update for push notifications and friend codes, everyone and their mother can play this game - literally!”

You can download Office Heroes for free here if you don't already have it.

Source: Astro Ape