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Office Heroes Game Coming Soon for iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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Office Heroes is a new, free iPhone game which is due out this July from Angry Ape games. It’s a social game with all the perks of climbing the corporate ladder, but none of the boredom of real-life work. It’s essentially a time and resource management game that puts you in control of a virtual office worker, and lets you customize your appearance and wardrobe and expand your office and the toys within it.

In order to ascend the ranks of the Office Heroes corporate world, players must complete a variety of typical office tasks, such as updating your resume, watching movies, shopping online, photocopying, blogging, tweeting, playing solitaire, gossiping, and the rest! Completing tasks earns career points, which players can use to decorate and expand their dream office.

There are over 200 customisation objects to obtain in total, and players can also choose their own office avatars, such as “Office Ninja” or “Office Pirate”.
Office Heroes is designed to be a very social game, with social features that include being able to use Facebook Connect to invite friends, visit their offices and help them with their tasks. Players can also post game updates on friends’ Facebook walls to share their promotions and achievements on their Facebook news feed. Hard to believe it’s free with all that going on, but apparently it is!

Source: Astro Ape