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o2 constant error message


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Jun 15, 2010
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United Kingdom

so my iphone 4 currently has a o2 sim in there and, i know whats causing this but i dont know how to stop it. i am constantly getting a message which is as follows

Message from WAP: o2: You need at least 17p calltime credit to access your mobile internet service. To Top-up cal 4444 free now. more info blah blah...

now obviously i top up and the msg goes away, but now what i am wondering is.. if i have credit in there will it constantly use my credit with out me wanting it to or knowing what its being used for?? even when i am on wifi:s

and second for when i have no credit before i top up how do i get that msg to stop? i press dismiss and not even a second later its back and the phone vibrates and non stop i press it and it happens again, now obviously i have to turn some setting off but what? any ideas any 1?
same here.
well ive figured it out.
its the sim,its all diseased during your set up.
i presume the iphone 4 has the same characteristics as the new 3GS update.
i put my 'error message sim' in to another phone and the same thing happened .
so basically change ya sim & it wont happen anymore.
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