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Jul 13, 2010
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been lurking in for a while and just got my new iphone and thought is say wat up to all....was a verizon customer and quit in middle contract to get this awesome phone...very glad i made this choice...wifey and i love it!! hate to start off with a dumb ? but since this is the 1st iphone ive ever had can any1 tell me in the top right cornor next to the battery bar there is this circle with a lock in it...it is on my phone but not my wifes any1 know what this might b...? thanx in advance
Rotation lock... Double click home, swipe to the right. It just locks the screen from going into landscape mode.
man thanx i was wondering why my screen wouldnt rotate...duh...im such a noob
I have an AT&T cell phone, but have not bought the iPhone 4 yet. I am waiting until there is a fix on the antenna problem. A case may be the answer. Most everyone enjoys their phone. I am sure I will also.

I see talk about "jailbreak", what is this?
Jailbreak just allows unapproved apps to be installed on your phone. In my opinion it's not going to be worth it on the 4 unless you have an app or feature you use that you can't live without. As with any hack it does over time degrade from the speed and battery life of your device.
Performance degradation is something I can attest to. I jail broke my 3GS and within a few months began experiencing severe signal issues and dropped calls. My GPS reception was terrible and the phone in general began running slower. My hands were tied since it was jailbroken I voided the warranty and couldn't bring it to apple or AT&T. I ended up restoring the original firmware and all my problems went away. I didn't really miss having a jailbroken phone as it gets old real fast with all the extras which are available. It was fun seeing all that was available but nothing I am wanting to void the warranty of my iphone4 for.
Thanks folks. I don't have a "4" yet, waited for the rush to be over and now I think I will wait for the antenna thing to be solved...maybe just a case which I think I can live with.

I will stick to the Apple Apps....just like Wal-Mart....If Apple doesn't have it, I don't need it....Thanks again.
Hi it took me ages to work it out hope this works for you..
Double-click the home button to bring up the fast app switching and recently used apps bar. Swipe to the right to reveal the iPod controls and the Portrait Orientation Lock selection. Select the icon to turn the lock off.
That should solve your problem. good luck
man thanx i was wondering why my screen wouldnt rotate...duh...im such a noob

Hey, don't feel too nooby. It goes with the territory, having an instrument with such capabilities. I've had my 2 iPhones for 4 months now and still have a hundred questions!