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[NEW] [MUST HAVE] DearDays - Personal Automatic Journal

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Mar 19, 2012
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DearDays is really convenient, practical, time-saving and simple,
whenever I launch it, I just can’t stop browsing, tapping, editing
my memories.

It only takes a little time editing everyday but the accumulation
of memory is beautiful! So don’t hesitate to make your own history
by DearDays!:)

DearDays - Personal Automatic Journal automatically turns your
daily moments into a personal journal with insightful infographic.


Photo Calendar
.Pull your memories from camera roll and put them in a simple
and elegant at-a-glance calendar form.
.Delicate calendar design inspires you to take great photos
everyday to keep track of your life and make you a better
photographer at the same time.


My Path
.Automatically arrange your photos into beautiful photo collages
and create an awesome timeline with photos to the places you've


My Path
.All you need to do is a little editing to make memories complete
and perfect.


Mood Log
.An emoticon speaks louder than hundreds of words, just swipe up
or down to to record your daily moods.
.Monitor the trends of moods to lead a happy life and improve your relationship with yourself and others.


Inspiring Journal
.Journal your experience to photo collages or answer built-in
questions to explore your thoughts and inner world.
.This would be very useful in sparking creativity and clarifying
your feelings.

We love to hear from you, please feel free to contact us Edited
for any questions or suggestions.:)
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